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Yoga Basics: Mountain Pose

Sanskrit Name:  Tadasana 

Tadasana is considered the "master standing pose." This means all standing poses should mimic its alignment.


Stand with you feet hip distance apart.


Most people stand too wide in this pose. A good way to measure if your feet are hip distance is to make two fists with your hands (thumbs touching). Place those fists on the floor and the inside of your feet should touch the edge of your fists.



Slight micro-bend in your knees. Do not lock your knees.



Are your thighs pushing forward or are they directly over your knees?  


A way to figure out - if your thighs are forward all of the weight will be in the ball (front) of your feet. If thighs are neutral, your feet will feel weighted equally between the ball and heel of feet.

How to measure if your feet are hip distance apart


Is your pelvis neutral?  


You may place one hand on front of lower belly and opposite hand on lower back. Fingers on both hands should face directly to ground. (see picture)


Up, back and down. Shoulder blades move towards one another.


Parallel to the floor.


How to find neutral pelvis.

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