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Enjoy these audio meditations

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Self Love
From a protected place begin to find blockages in your heart chakra.  Allow these missing components to guide you to find self love. Conclude with creating an affirmation to carry with you.
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Box Breath.png
Box Breathe
This is a simple five-minute mediation.  The focus is on the breath.  Counting the breath, with a short hold.  You may use this meditation when needing a reset or release of stress.  May be used to begin any meditation practice.  
00:00 / 26:54
Element Connection
Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. Let's go through an element journey that will help us ground ourselves from the busy outside world. Leave this meditation feeling grounded, stress-free, and relaxed to accomplish anything that is ahead. 
00:00 / 26:40
Merkaba Meditation
Let's anchor ourselves by doing a Merkaba Mediation. Using different techniques we will recharge your energy field. Merkaba is an Egypt word that is broken up into three parts. 'Mer' means a light that rotates within itself, 'Ka' means spirit and 'Ba' means the physical body. 
00:00 / 27:37
Loving Kindness
Let's use imagery to quiet the mind. It is time to check in with our internal body and let go of judgments. Let a breath count and body awareness take you to a quiet space that will bring a peaceful light to your life. 
00:00 / 23:25
Inner Child
Let's belly breath our way to a safe spot that will always be reachable. Join me in releasing busy thoughts while we take a journey to your safe space from childhood. Letting go of tension in the body while we travel. 
00:00 / 24:22
Wisdom from your Guides
Allow this simple breathing technique take you through a mental break in a judgement free zone. I will guide you in a chakra scan and help you reach your guides for releasing and grounding imagery experience. 
00:00 / 07:10
Protect your Energy
Protect your energy with this short meditation.  May be done as you begin your day, before you enter into a group of people, or surround yourself with someone who's challenging.
00:00 / 28:04
Yoga Nidra
Three part breath of Yoga Nidra with earth connecting, body scanning, element visually and imagery. Allow me to guide you to sink into your body, release tension, control breath, and escape to a state of charka balance.
Yoga Nidra is done laying down.
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