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Prenatal Yoga Series

Live Online Class

Series Dates 
September 6 - October 4 (5 weeks)
October 11 - November 15 (6 weeks)

We spend the beginning portion of class checking-in. This creates a sense of community and ensures the class is curated to fit each individual's needs.  The class also includes poses to assist with aches and pain, breath-work for your labor/delivery "tool box", abdominal and pelvic floor work for childbirth and postpartum recovery, elements of childbirth education, and of course a calm, resting pose at the end.

Classes are designed for any level of experience and trimester.

Days:  Wednesdays

Time:  7:00 PM - 8:15 PM (75 minutes)

Cost:  Six weeks $72 | One class:  $15

Note:  If you sign up for the series and miss a class, a recording will be sent so you may practice on your own.  


We highly recommend:

  • a yoga mat,

  • two blankets (cushion or towels), 

  • two yoga blocks (large books or two sturdy water bottles), 

  • and a bolster (pregnancy pillow or dense pillow).

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