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Yoga Basics: Tree Pose

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Sanskrit Name: Vriksasana

December 3, 2019 | DeAnna Houston

Begin in Tadasana (mountain pose). Refer to prior post for info on Tadasana. Root your feet into the ground.

Place Hands in Anjali Mudra (Prayer). This mudra symbolizes a offering or greeting, BUT it can also help with balance when you press the hands firmly together.

With hands in prayer, shift your weight to your left foot.

Place the ball of your right foot on the floor and open bent knee to the right. Keep the ball of the right foot on the floor and rest the heel on the standing left leg.

Be sure to keep the left hip hugged in. Sometimes we begin to lean too far to the left and "stick" out the hip. Keep both hips squared, with hip bones faces forward.

You may keep the foot on the floor as a "kickstand" or lift the right foot up the left leg. The foot may be placed below the left knee or above, do not rest the foot on the knee.

Keep pressing the hangs together and press the right foot into the standing left leg.

You may raise the hands over head. Focus your attention on the foot connecting to the earth.

To come out of the pose, lower hands back to prayer and slower lower bent leg.

Variations of tree pose

1. Raise hands over head.

2. For a real challenge, close your eyes :)


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