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Yoga Basics: Crescent Lunge

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

November 9, 2019 | DeAnna Houston

How to properly align in Lunge pose


Press the four corners of the front foot into the ground, but do not grip the toes.  Shift weight into the ball of the back foot.  You do not want all of the weight into the front foot. 


Front leg is in 90 degree angle.  Knee is directly over ankle and in line with 2nd toe.  If knee is forward of ankle, you need to shift to back leg further back. 

Strong back leg.  Pull any "slack" out of back leg to lengthen and straighten leg.   


Square your hips.  If right foot is forward, draw right hips slightly backwards and left hip slightly forward.  And vice versa 


Do not over arch lower back. Draw tailbone towards the floor


Spread the collar bones; lead the heart center forward. 


Keep neutral. Do not look too far up or down. Keep length in cervical spine (neck).


Raise arms to the sky. Keep shoulders relaxed, away from ears.


Slight bend in elbows. Draw shoulder blades towards one another

Initiate back bend from center of back (right behind the heart center). Keep drawing tailbone to the floor


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