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Meditation for Grounding

Why Ground?
When we are sped up, unsteady or trapped in our thoughts, grounding can slow us down and connect us to the steady, solid, stable Earth.

This meditation can be done anywhere - outside by a tree, on the floor, or even on a couch.

  • Begin by taking a comfortable seated position.

  • Allow yourself to settle into the pose. Turn your palms face down and connect the index finger and thumb. This is the jnana mudra (shown above). A mudra is a hand gesture that symbolizes a certain meaning. The jnana mudra calms and stabilizes the mind and grounds the body.

  • Bring your attention to the parts of the body that are connected to the surface below you. Allowing your pelvis and legs to become heavier as you connect deeper to the floor. Feel yourself connected to the stable, steady floor.

  • Start to focus your attention on your breathing. Notice your inhale as it comes in through the nose and lowers down the torso. Then notice your exhale as it rises back up the torso and out the nose again.

  • Focus your attention on your breath for a couple of moments.

  • Adding on to the breath - as you inhale silently say 'So.' As you exhale silently say 'Hum' Continuing with your breathe. Inhale - So; Exhale - Hum. This mantra means "I am."

  • Continue connecting to your breath and the mantra. Ending whenever you feel ready.

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