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Gentle Yoga Class 

Online Class

Meets every other Tuesday 

This gently paced, 30 minute yoga class includes postures that promote flexibility, muscle tone, and a sense of deep relaxation and restoration.

Dates: Every other Tuesday

April 12, 26

May 10, 24

Time:  7:30- 8:00 PM

Cost:  One Class is $8 

Meet your instructor.

*If you sign up for the series and miss a class, a recording will be sent.


  • Gather any props before class.   Recommend  props are blankets, cushions, pillows, and two yoga blocks

  • You will be automatically muted.  If you need to speak, click the microphone icon to un-mute.

  • To place the instructor in the center of your screen, double click the instructor's video block.

  • Feel free to use the chat bar to send a comment to the instructor.

  • Dim the lights and make yourself as comfy as possible.

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