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Postnatal Yoga 

Online Series

Sundays | 5:00 - 6:15 PM
July 11:  How to Balance the Postpartum body
July 18:  Stabilize Your Core & Pelvic Floor
August 1:  Peace Within
August 8:  Nurture Yourself, Mama
All four classes: $52
One class: $16

Class Descriptions

July 11 | How to Balance the Postpartum Body

As a new mother, it is important to begin healing from the inside out while simultaneously taking care of your new baby. In this class, DeAnna will guide you through specialized yoga poses to counterbalance those new mama aches and pains and practice bringing balance back to the body through proper alignment. 

July 18 | Stabilize Your Core & Pelvic Floor

It is likely that your body will feel different after your baby arrives. You may feel unfamiliar pains, experience weakness in new areas, or feel restrictions in both your core and pelvic floor.  We will practice yoga poses and breathing techniques to find balance for these areas from the inside out.   

August 1 | Peace Within

Navigating life with a new baby can feel consuming and often times overwhelming. It may feel impossible to slow it down and JUST BE.  DeAnna will guide you through poses and breathing techniques to ease you out of the chaos and settle into the new normal.


August 8 | Nurture Yourself, Mama

After delivery, our bodies go through a major hormonal shift. We may miss our old life, or we may find motherhood challenging. During this class, we will restore ourselves through gentle yoga, meditation, and supportive activities to help reestablish and rebuild the balance. 

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