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Pregnancy To Do List

Since I love lists, I wanted to share this pregnancy checklist I created when I was pregnant.  Enjoy!

Week 1 – 13 (1st Trimester)

  • Find a midwife or obstetrician that supports your views on pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum

  • Schedule first prenatal checkup (usually 6 - 8 weeks)

  • Take a daily prenatal vitamin

  • Schedule a dental cleaning

  • Research foods to avoid when pregnant

  • Research insurance coverage for pregnancy, labor/delivery, and pediatric care 

  • Make a budget to start saving

  • Sign up for an app or email to track the size of your baby

  • Start weekly bump pictures

  • Plan if or how you would like to announce your pregnancy

  • Get plenty of rest, hydrate, and make time for self-care

Weeks 14 – 18 (2nd trimester begins)

  • Start buying maternity clothes

  • Research and plan maternity leave for you and partner

  • Talk to your supervisor about maternity leave

  • Interview doulas (if using one)

  • Discuss with your midwife or doctor their views on induction, failure to progress, labor and delivery, newborn screenings  and make sure it is in line with your desires

  • If it’s not a surprise, find out baby’s gender

  • Find nursery inspiration pictures

  • Schedule self-care for the rest of pregnancy (i.e. – prenatal yoga, monthly prenatal massages, hair appointments)


Weeks 19 – 27

  • Research college savings plans

  • Research life insurance

  • Create/update will

  • Consider purchasing a pregnancy pillow

  • Plan a babymoon

  • Sign up for childbirth and breastfeeding classes

  • Schedule hospital or birth center tour

  • Confirm baby shower logistics (date, time, guest list)

  • Finish baby shower registry

  • Research placenta encapsulation and cord blood banking (if applicable)

  • Choose childcare

  • Schedule maternity, newborn and labor/ delivery photos



Weeks 28 – 32 (3rd trimester begins)

  • Ask midwife or OB how they handle circumcision or prepare for Bris (if applicable)

  • Confirm how you will add a new baby to insurance plan

  • Choose pediatrician

  • Start preparing nursery

  • Finalize baby names

  • Purchase dress for baby shower


Weeks 29 – 33

  • Start preparing freezer meals for postpartum

  • Complete birth plan (aka birth wish list) and review with your OB or Midwife

  • Finish nursery/prepare place in your room where the baby will sleep

  • Pack two hospital bags (1. labor and delivery and 2. mom and baby)

  • Finalize any delivery room details (i.e. music you may want, scents, heating pads, coping tools)

  • Finalize who will take care of older children or pets while in hospital

  • Research lactation consultants (if breastfeeding)

  • Research any online or in-person postpartum groups

  • Make sure you and your spouse are on the same page with hospital and postpartum visitors

  • Pre-register for your hospital stay

Weeks 32 – 36

  • Install car seat

  • Purchase any necessary items left on your registry

  • Purchase a baby book

  • Set up diaper stations

  • Set up feeding/bottle cleaning stations (with water and snacks for mama)

  • Consider purchasing a mini-fridge for bedroom for late night feedings

  • Download a contraction timing app

  • Baby proof home

  • Schedule a deep clean of your home



Weeks 36 – 40

  • Purchase postpartum items

  • Plan a date night or girls' night out

  • Rest, enjoy moments of silence, practice self-care

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