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Playlists for Labor & Delivery

Before the birth of my twins, I created these playlists.  Each playlist invokes a different mood and head space.
There is also a quick reference of the different stages of labor at the bottom of this page.   You may want different music depending on what stage you are in.  

1. "Those good beats"

This playlist is filled with uplifting, feel good kind of music.  It contains mostly reggae and music that makes you want sway.


I used this during the early stages of labor.

2. "Calm it girl"

This is a meditative playlist for when you want to relax.  Songs to bring peace and calm.


I used this one before I got the epidural and when I was getting closer to pushing. This one  help me mellow out and be more present.  

3. "You got this"

This playlist contains powerful girl jams that make you proud to be a woman.  If you want strength and motivation, this is your playlist!

I personally use this playlist when I was pushing.  The labor and delivery nurses even said they loved this playlist :)

4. "Flute Music"

My second birth was an unmedicated birth at home.  All I wanted to listen to was flute music.  This is a nice and calming playlist.  

For more playlists follow me on Spotify!
username: deanna.houston
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